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Decoding Tantra is an enlightening journey that delves into the ancient and intricate philosophy of Tantra, offering students a deep understanding of this profound spiritual practice. Tantra is not just about sexual energy but a holistic approach to life, combining the body, breath, and mind for personal transformation and self-realization.

This course explores the fusion of mind, body, and spirit, emphasizing personal transformation and self-realization. Through a comprehensive curriculum and guided lessons, participants will explore the secrets and wisdom hidden within the Tantra tradition.


Course Overview:

Class 1: The Body-Mind Connection and Its Transformative Potential:

  • Understanding the intimate connection between the body, breath, and mind.
  • Exploring the transformative potential of this connection for self-awareness, stress management, physical well-being, spiritual growth, personal transformation, and holistic well-being.

Class 2. Body, Breath and Mind:

  • Recognizing the interplay of the body, breath, and mind.
  • Learning techniques to harmonize these elements for personal growth and spiritual exploration.

Class 3. Energies, Power & Transformation:

  • Exploring the diverse energies within the human body.
  • Learning to harness these energies for personal transformation and self-empowerment.

Class 4. Sexual and Subtle Energy & The Bodies:

  • Discovering the connection between sexual and subtle energy.
  • Gaining insights into the various bodies beyond the physical and their role in human consciousness.

Class 5. Embodied Tantra and The Experience:

  • Applying Tantra principles to everyday life.
  • Focusing on practical experiences and techniques for living a more conscious and fulfilling life.

Class 6. Body Senses and ATKY:

  • Recognizing the body’s senses as gateways to heightened awareness.
  • Learning the concept of Ancestral Tantra Kriya Yoga (ATKY) and its connection to experiences human experience.

Class 7. ATKY and State of Mind:

  • Building on the previous class, understanding how ATKY techniques influence your state of mind.
  • Achieving a more balanced and focused mental state through sensory awareness.

Class 8. Introduction to Logos Breath Prana:

  • Exploring Logos Breath Prana, a technique that combines breath control and the mind.
  • Utilizing Logos Breath Prana for vitality and spiritual connection.

Class 9. Understanding The Subtle Body:

  • Delving deep into the subtle body and its connection to the physical world.
  • Enhancing spiritual awareness and personal transformation by understanding the subtle body.

Class 10. Tantra Kriya Yoga The Sadhana:

  • Comprehensive understanding of Tantra Kriya Yoga and Sadhana.
  • Learning rituals and techniques for self-realization and spiritual awakening.