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Rebirthing with Tantra

Module 1: Rediscovering the Breath of Life

Lesson 1: Breathwork & Prana
Explore the transformative power of breath, learning various breathwork techniques to harness prana and revitalize your being.

Lesson 2: Awaken Your Skin Rebirth
Delve into the sensory experience of reconnecting with your body, fostering a profound awareness of your physical self.

Lesson 3: Soft Pranic Experience
Embark on a gentle journey into the subtle energies of prana, discovering the soft and nurturing aspects of life force energy.

Lesson 4: The Embodied Power of The Eclipse
Uncover the symbolism of the eclipse as a metaphor for personal transformation, embracing the power of the shadows and the light within.

Lesson 5: Mystica, Rituals, Pranayama & Kriyas
Integrate mystical practices, rituals, and advanced breath techniques to deepen your connection with the life force energy and unlock hidden potentials.

Lesson 6: Awakening Roots
Root yourself in a profound exploration of your origins and foundations, understanding how your roots influence your personal growth and rebirth.

Module 2: Balancing the Bodies for Holistic Harmony

Lesson 7: Balancing the Bodies • Part 1
Initiate the journey of balancing your physical, mental, and emotional bodies, creating a harmonious foundation for holistic well-being.

Lesson 8: Balancing the Bodies • Part 2
Expand upon the principles of balance, exploring deeper layers of the self and addressing imbalances that may hinder personal growth.

Lesson 9: Balancing the Bodies • Part 3
Conclude the module with advanced techniques and practices, refining your ability to maintain equilibrium in all aspects of your being.

Embark on a transformative journey with “Rebirthing with Tantra,” where ancient wisdom and modern understanding converge to guide you through a profound exploration of self-discovery and rebirth.