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BeTantric propose to you to start to unveil the power that you have with your body.

Explore & learn the sacred technology that balance you and shift your inner knowledge.
Daily practices, interaction with other people, online workshops & courses, including retreats and trainings !

Tantra is an ancestral technology that allows you to let you see who you are and where you going !!!

The interaction with your body, mind and energy are the canva to start to draw a new life !!

Your senses are the gate to the knowledge and Tantra the instrument to amplify them!

You connect with your body, nervous system, immune system and with your emotional state to create an inner balance that will take you longer with different practices.

You awake the most powerful energies that are within you, you will recognize the power of intimacy and sexual energy and how this lingers to every level of your own existence!!!

Practice, Learn, Share and interact Tantra with people like wise!!!


Anand Rudra


Daniela Bhakti
Corina & Michael
Mr. Vik

Guest Teachers

Miguel Angel Aznar

Experience for life

Every lesson is an experience for life.


The value in knowledge that you get out of becoming a member is not only on the unique lessons that we prepare for you but the realization that you are socializing in a brand new way with people from all over the world.

Learn from the best

The teachers are from different backgrounds, from all over the world, to give you the best Tantra perspective. We want you to feel, see and embody learning experiences.


It's not only that you come to breath, meditate or learn; it's a way to activate your life, go deep into the Tantra Knowledge and its disciplines.

Value for money

19 euros per month or 50 euros trimestral for over 70 lessons, mini workshops, or circles.


We have a vibrant community online where you can connect and talk about your experiences.

Membership & Community

Betantric is an online active community.

Up until now we have been creating interaction throughout our online classes.

We will propose you to become part of a new community to interact with people from all over the world with just one base in common: Tantra

To become a member is to become part of the community and our Active Tantric Gym. We are calling it Gymnasium because we see Tantra as a practice, and activity to be develop and that has to be performed almost daily in order to be understood and embodied.

The GYM, has the target that not only you have tantric sadhanas, but we sub-divided the content and practices in order that you choose what you want to practice. These classes and practices will be recorded and some of them will be live, so you will not depend on the schedules.

Tantric Gym

Tantric Gym


Tantric Meditation

Yoga (tantric & kundalini bliss)

Going to Basics


Breathwork & Prana

Mystica & Shamanic Tantric

Sacred S3xplora

Divine Femininity

Space created to develop and go deep in what are the needs to understand everything around the masculinity, the man and the manhood.

One of the most powerful instruments of humanity are the thoughts, the ideas, the mind and the energy that comes from them. We want that we explore together the potentiality to connect to active or passive meditation.

To connect with the body and the whole dimension that brings in can take you to understand the power of the subtle system and the bodies of the being. Exploring the asanas, bandhas, mudras and the kriyas allow us to unveil the most incredible journey of your existence. This will not be a physical activity is an path for embody knowledge.

To expand and liberate is huge endeavor to be understood with for than 3,400 categories and methods of Tantra. We want that you can understand what Tantra can do for you and for others. We will explore the basic elements, practices and theory around it.

For the practitioners, facilitators, therapist and the tantrikas that are already on the field. We are developing this area for you. We want to go deep in to what is the practice of Tantra. Come and join us.

The use of breathing is the tantric technology that is integral part of what Tantra is. Pranayamas are not only tp breath we have the use of the senses in order to move the qualities of the life force energy that allows to experience our existence in different dimensions.

Shamanism is the oldest way to try to understand who we are and the link that we have to the universe and natura. The union between tantra and shamanism becomes natural. We invite you to understand it but also practice the mystic and the power of it. The dimension in the history of humanity and the exploration of hermetic knowledge is the basis to understand science and the evolution

One of elements of Tantra is Sacred Sexuality and we want to develop in a practical way different tools that will allow you to understand intimacy, sexuality and orgasmia for yourself and when you do with others.

The power behind the wisdom and the energy of the feminine in tantra is one of the Jewels that are there not only to recall but to explore to the fullest. The tantric practices around womanhood and the femininity are the based and pillars within Tantra.


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be part of our

University Area

To be understood to the maximum tantric studies should have both theory and practice.

We believe that Tantra deserves the dedication on The Academic Arena, in order that we can bring the knowledge and its practice from real bases.

This is an academic endeavor that we want to cultivate and develop. It’s with study proposes, learned and trained in a more formal way than a normal weekend workshop.

As an any idea of University we will be growing little by little, with a basic faculty that we will be offering you a way that you could grasp a formal and professional knowledge of what Tantra is.


Areas related to tantra: meditation, yoga, ritualism, prana & breathwork, sacred sexuality and shamanism.


Set of lessons to learn & embodied with practice. Long workshops and practicums to gather required knowledge.


Knowledge to master 1 area of tantra. Offering by levels: assistance, practitioner, facilitator, teacher.


Deep long duration experience-class. This will give you higher knowledge & practice about 1 specific topic.

Every member has access to the Huddle, our member website

There are recorded lessons for you to watch on the Huddle

3 We have many life events 

We connect every live class via ZOOM 

You have a direct communication with the teachers and facilitators to help you afterwards

You can connect with the rest of the member at the Huddle 

We have Tantra Circles were the teacher make you feel safe and you will discover how a group heart-opening-experience can shift the way you think and embrace your life.

We give support with mini-capsules, written articles and books to enrich your knowledge

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