The Orgasmic Wave Meditation

What is the Orgasmic wave ?…. a meditation, movement and breathwork session developed by amoSomaThis meditation’s intention is to connect us with our bodies natural wave of ecstacy, expansion and expression, by connecting and balance the coregulation of our vagus nerve, psoas muscle and pelvic diaphragm.As a midwife I’ve witnessed woman who gives birth, go into a blissfull state where therir body moves like a wave of energy and ecstacy. A wave that is very simular to the orgasmic wave that the fullbody orgasm can be. As a therapeutic sexological bodyworker I believe that the body needs to feel safe to be able to circle our sexual energy to the whole physical and energetic body. Life on earth came from water and the human spine is made for making waves. When we are just a few weeks old in our mothers womb we basically look like a spine that moves in waves. As children we have a graceful and free movement in our bodies. Many of us loose connection to our gracefulness and ‘wave’ through conditioning and trauma in our lives. I believe it is our birthright as human beings to flow freely in natural ecstatic and orgasmic state. To be able to thrive and live a life in balance.