Prana Technology DAY 2

  1. The Difference between Breathwork, Pranayam & Prana Technology
  2. The importance of the induction process in the Pranic Experience
  3. The importance to diagnosis yourself with the energy in disposition
  4. Transmuting Dense Energy, thoughts and the process ob double rooting mother earth & universe
  5. The levels of energy coming from Earth: telluric, electromagnetical, geo electromagnetical . Understanding the difference between pulsation, coming down and channel
  6. The importance of energy indisposition regarding astrology, why has to be considered in one class or a therapy 
  7. Difference on chakra base (solar)  breathing, moon breathing, conscious breathing and transmuted breathing ( Mouth. Nose) 
  8. The two main concepts of Prana
  9. How we can apply Prana Idea and embodiment  to the Subtle system of the Body.
  10.  Understand the 5 bodies on the PRANIC EXPERIENCE
  1. Physical
  2. Emotion (mind) 
  3. Energy
  4. Connection Myself ( feel & perceive ) & My higher Self ( understanding who I am -meta-consiousness)
     – EXISTENCE : Spiritual Self & Essence or SOUL 
  5. Esoterical 
  6. Session of Tantra Kriya Yoga with the purpose to understand Perception and energy